Views From Paljassaare

Tallink ships moored in Paljassaare Harbour due to COVID-19 pandemic, from left to right: Victoria I, Romantika & Isabelle
Viimsi (Oil products tanker, built in 1970)
Vestlandia (Reefer, built in 1983)
Vessels of The Maritime Administration of Estonia, stored on shore for winter season
Romantika & Isabelle


Sokar (A 63.47 m luxury yacht built by Codecasa in Italy. Launched in 1990, originally named Jonikal. Formerly owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed)

Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1. 18.10.2020

LNS Jotvingis (N42) (Vidar-class command and support vessel of the Lithuanian Navy, built in 1977) (left) & HNoMS Måløy (M342) (Oksøy-class minehunter of Royal Norwegian Navy, commissioned in 1995) (right)
HNLMS Schiedam (M860) (Tripartite-class minehunter of Royal Netherlands Navy, commissioned in 1986) (left), Crocus (M917) (Tripartite-class minehunter of Belgian Navy, built in 1987) (center) & LVNS Imanta (M-04) (Lead ship of the Tripartite-class minehunters of Latvian Naval Forces, built in 1984) (right)
Admiral Cowan (M313) (Sandown-class minehunter and the flagship of Estonian Navy, built in 1988) (left) & FGS Sulzbach-Rosenberg (M1062) (Frankenthal-class minehunter of German Navy, commissioned in 1996) (right)

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